Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

Here are some tutorials I’ve created for our lab and have posted on my YouTube channel. I’ll be posting updated videos once I get things up and running. Questions / suggestions are always welcome.

Original Tutorials for Agisoft Photoscan


Creating 3D PDFs using DAZ Studio


One thought on “Video Tutorials

  1. Samantha, Your video tuts on Photoscan are the best on the internet. So thanks a lot for that. They’ve helped me tremendously.

    If I could suggest one thing that you might want to add at a future date it would be the preps for a shoot and particularly how to light your model, camera settings and having a scale reference in your shot.

    I’ve been using the program for a couple of weeks now and having my preps in place, taking really crisp, well-lit photos (no shadows) with camera settings that minimize noise as well as having a scale reference on the set has made a huge difference in my results.

    Whenever you get a chance, a video on that might be a good idea.

    But my hat is off to you.

    Keep up the good work!


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