This is a page for me to post things I’d like to share. Enjoy!

Agisoft PhotoScan Manual
This manual was written for Anthropology lab interns at the University of Minnesota in the fall of 2015. It’s note exactly updated, but is the most comprehensive guide I’ve put together so far.

Updated Scale for Small-Object Photogrammetry
This is the most recent version of my photogrammetry scale updated Spring, 2017. This scale can placed underneath objects during photography to improve photo alignment in software such as Agisoft PhotoScan. It also includes non-coded markers, which can be automatically recognized and used for scaling. The distance between markers on this scale is 12 cm. Please read the instructions included in the PDF before printing / use. such Please give me attribution if you use this scale for your research. You can also cite my paper in Advances in Archaeological Practice.

Scale for Small-Object Photogrammetry
The older version of my scale with more whites pace.

Scale for Medium-Object Photogrammetry
A slightly bigger version of the above scale. Distance between markers is 20 cm.